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Thursday, April 4, 2013 from TalentRooster

No Excuse for Not Using Video

I recently read an article by Mark Finn through TLNT called “6 Reasons Why Video Interviewing Will Soon Go Mainstream”. It was a great article with valid points to which many HR professionals can relate so I wanted to address my thoughts on the issues as well.

Culture Fit
Sourcing for job seekers-at a time where unemployment levels have left highly qualified candidates looking for new opportunities-is no longer the issue. The issues of today’s rebounding economy now lie in the selection process and which candidates appear to be the best cultural fit at your company. Social media has enabled hiring managers a glimpse into who these candidates might be, but then again, would you want someone judging you for a new position based off of your social media outlets? Video interviewing provides a fair look at a candidate’s personality that cannot be achieved by social media.

Affordable Out of State Options
Video interviewing technology also provides the opportunity for you to cast a wider net and reach out of state candidates that may be a fit for your company. Many candidates looking for jobs are willing to relocate so don’t limit your candidates to the x-mile radius surrounding your company because there are no travel fees with video! 

Video is the New Norm
Employers should also take notice to the evolving job seeker. This shift towards video also stems from the new generations’ comfort ability with video. Apps such as Facetime, Youtube, and Skype have made the millennials accustomed to being in front of a camera. As the workforce switches to a younger demographic, the use of this technology that doesn’t shock new job seekers only creates a more efficient hiring process.

Effortless Candidate Tracking
Don’t make it hard on yourself to remember every interviewee!  Video interviewing allows documentation of interviews so when you’re trying to remember which face goes to which resume, all you have to do is check the video!

As spring hiring begins and a new batch of recent college grads become job seekers, make your process easier on yourself by embracing TalentRooster technology, an efficient way to help you find the best talent for your company. No excuses!  

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