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Tuesday, May 21, 2013 from TalentRooster

Why Tweet When You Can Crow

Last month the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled “The New Resume: It’s 140 Characters”. You guessed it:  Twitter is becoming the “new job board”. Rather than debate the validity of Twitter as part of the recruiting process, I’d like to share with you  a couple of reasons why video interviewing is quickly becoming a staple of the recruiting industry:

First, video provides a more comprehensive view of your candidate. Viewing a candidate’s social media interaction may provide hints at what is interesting and important to them, but if you’re looking for a real glimpse into your candidate’s mindset, video is the way to go.  It provides your candidates with the opportunity to more thoroughly present their unique skills and previous experiences—in the same time it takes for you to read a tweet or two on your feed.

Secondly, personality and professionalism aren’t always evident through tweets. Sure, the ability to be concise and deliver a message in 140 characters may be representative of a good communicator, but what about other important attributes like professionalism, communication and image? All three can be readily identified in a 60-second video before a recruiter/HR professional invests any of their valuable time in a face-to-face interview.

For some, posting jobs on Twitter has proven to be a great recruiting tool. For others, it has created a bombardment of unwanted resumes. Rather than miss out on great talent, we recommend using video interviewing—either include a link to your TalentRooster account or issue invites only to those candidates who pass your initial screening process.

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