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Wednesday, November 13, 2013 from TalentRooster

Video Interviewing's Biggest Fan

One of the biggest fans of video interview technology is someone who you’d least suspect: someone who has been in the business of hiring people for over 45 years, and is very hesitant to adapt to changes in recruitment process and technology. 

Meet Phil Freeman, an administrative recruiter in Ohio.

One of his local clients had an office in Chicago, and was struggling to fill a position there.  With their track record of success using Phil as a recruiter, they asked for his help (even though the job was hundreds of miles away).

He used the traditional sourcing and searching methods: Posting a job ad, browsing for candidates on LinkedIn, and conducting traditional phone screens.  Knowing that he was up against a tight timeline as his client was conducting their own search, he knew he had to get his candidates in front of his client sooner.  That’s where video enters the equation.

After reviewing 26 resumes, Phil had narrowed his search down to two candidates.  Both recorded video interviews with their iPhones.  The hiring managers virtually met the candidates sooner, had an immediate connection, and made a hiring decision that day.

Now, Kathryn has a job.  And Phil has another happy customer – in another market.  All thanks to a little tool called TalentRooster.

Phil wrote us an email to say:

"I have heard that there are employers who have TalentRooster and – for whatever reason – don’t use it. To them I say "huge mistake...huge." I know from experience, it works like a charm."

BONUS: Tips Phil offers his candidates before recording their Video Interview (he won’t mind if you use them too):
  •  Make sure there is a blank wall behind you.
  • Make sure there are two lights on both sides of their web cam for good facial lighting.
  • Start and end your video with a smile.
  • Your answers can be short (20 seconds each is plenty).
  • Record your video in a quiet area – you want to avoid any background noise (excess noise from your TV, radio, children, dogs barking, etc. distract from your video).
  •  Ensure that your appearance is professional (remember, this is a different form of a first impression), and position the camera so it’s a shoulders-up shot.

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