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Wednesday, July 18, 2012 from TalentRooster

30,000 Video Interviews Uploaded

An ideological shift is taking place in HR and recruting offices thoughout the U.S.  Advancements in video technology have presented a better way to screen and source candidates.  Video Interviews are becoming a staple in recruiting as professionals enjoy the cost savings derived in both time and money.  Companies like TalentRooster.com provide the ability to see and hear job seeking candidates answer questions specific to needs before a moment of time is committed to a phone screen or live interview.  A compelling factor to note is that the average view time of each video is around 35 seconds, despite the fact that videos can be much longer. It is equally as important to note that a video is not intended to replace the face to face interview, but merely to serve as a tool to ensure only the best candidates get past the front door.  Once you've enjoyed the benefits of this powerful technology it's hard to believe that we relied on paper alone for so many years. 

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