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Wednesday, August 8, 2012 from TalentRooster

Skype Changing The Job Interview Process

This week Time magazine published an article touting the virtues of video interviewing - Yea!!  While we couldn't agree more that video is a phenomenal idea for HR / Recruiting professionals, we think the fine people at Time missed a couple crucial points....  Following are some thoughts to consider before live streaming with a candidate. 

1.  You are trapped!  If you Skype and the candidate isn't a fit - too bad.  There's at least 20 minutes you'll never get back.  With TalentRooster candidates create pre-recorded videos, answering questions specific to your needs.  Video interview can be viewed 24/7 and turned off at any time without hurt feelings.

2.  Time.  With live streaming you have to pick a mutual time that works, which is more complicated than it sounds.  Plus you have to hope that neither party is relying on a wireless network our you'll risk the connection timing out. Video interviews are HD and pre-recorded, which means they are bullet proof.  Watch them at your leisure.

3.  Quality.  Remember Max Headroom from the Pepsi ads?  With live streaming the videos are often not in real time - they lag, have audio visual sync issues and in general are hard to watch.  TalentRooster pre-recorded videos do not have any of these issues. 

Video is a great thing for HR / Recruiting professionals eager to find significant savings within their recruiting budgets.  Contact TalentRooster to learn more about this powerful tool.
Time Article

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