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Wednesday, June 27, 2012 from TalentRooster

Recruiting Firm Studies Video Interview Impact

Following are some actual numbers from a TalentRooster client, a branch that was slow to adopt TalentRooster at first but is now using it regularly. The plus sign shows the approximate date in 2012 on which the branch started using TalentRooster more heavily. Note how this branch has seen a steady increase (that wasn’t seen the previous year) since starting to use TalentRooster.

Below is the GM chart for a branch that started out as a strong TalentRooster user but that has slowed down of late. The X sign shows the approximate date where the usage slowed. Note how the GM has slowed as well.

Certainly, there could be other factors for the GM increases and decreases at these branches, but it’s also fair to suggest that using TalentRooster videos in the hiring process can help you increase your bill rates, close the order faster, and secure your client’s loyalty.  You can’t be in staffing today without using video!!

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