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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 from TalentRooster

Video Interview Provides Edge over "Paper" Candidates

Video Interviewing has been catching fire by saving hiring manager’s time and money, so such a process should be used with care.  A video interview shouldn’t be something thrown together at the last minute; it should be created, perfected and then presented.  What are the steps one can take to create the best video interview? I’ll tell you.

Choose Wisely:  Video Interviews are not optimal for all job openings.  When the position calls for lots of face-to-face work, interaction with customers and over the phone skills, then a video interview is just the ammo you need to show off your skills.  Showing a potential employer your verbal and non-verbal communicative abilities will increase your chance for hire.  If they bring you in for a "live" interview, it's like a second as they know what they're getting!
Tailor your Q & A: The beauty of being “in the know” of what is expected of your next position is using that information to your advantage.  If there is a question you believe the hiring manager would want to know, answer it in your video!  Candidates that demostrate specific knowledge about a company or position will stand out from the others.   
Save more Time: If you're a job seeker that just can’t make it into an office, not a problem!  Simply record your video interview at home, review and send it to the hiring manager!  The beauty of technology is that it’s everywhere.  A camera isn’t far away which means a video interview isn’t far behind; take advantage of all possibilities!  Show a potential company that you stay current with technology!
Review and Reflect: Now that you've captured of your personality, post it on all of your social media sites!  You’re not depending on a paper resume like everyone else, so use this tool to demonstrate that you took initiative, far beyond clicking "send".   Social media is powerful - you never know who will see or forward it.  Go to TalentRooster.com to learn how to make the perfect video profile!    

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