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Monday, February 20, 2012 from TalentRooster

Job Fair Season Perfect Time To Add Video Interviews

Finally the weather and the job market are beginning to heat up! To meet the expected hiring needs, many companies host job fairs at hotels, conference centers or career service centers at local universities.  Hundreds or thousands of candidates attend these events, handing out resumes to anyone willing to speak with them.  If you're a recruiter or HR professional, what's the point in attending these events if you can't remember each candidate?

Unless you're "Rainman" chances are you forget a person within 24 hours of meeting.  But if you are meeting hundreds of people in a short period of time, you will remember even fewer.  Returning from a recruiting event with a stack of resumes is pointless if you can't remember the person!  Fortunately, there is a solution - video!

Next time you have a job fair to attend, contact TalentRooster and have them set you up with pre-recorded video interview technology.  This way you can record every candidate, rate and share them with other hiring managers immediately.  Imagine meeting the ideal candidate, filming them on the spot and sending over to a hiring manager - all within minutes.  Plus, all of your candidates are housed in a video repository, where only you and your designees have access.  You can view them 24/7 and they are iPhone / iPad friendly. 

Once you give video interview technology a chance you will never look back.  It makes sense, saves time and will significantly improve your process.  Let TalentRooster show you how. 

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