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Thursday, February 2, 2012 from TalentRooster

A Powerful Screening Tool for HR and Recruiting

With hundreds of resumes to review on a daily basis, recruiters and hiring managers need an efficient, scalable solution for filtering and identifying the right candidates. Video interviewing empowers recruiters and HR professionals to engage qualified candidates faster, and improves collaboration with hiring managers.

Recently my business has been looking for a technology professional, who possess not only technical skills, but the ability to communicate well with others.  It sounds like a simple problem, but it isn’t.  In reality many technical people lack the communication skills to interface with other employees or clients.  Conversely, those that have the communication skills seldom have the technical aptitude desired. 
Our executive team (much like executives everywhere…) hardly pays attention to a resume or our recruiter’s recommendation – it is so frustrating!  We needed a new strategy and decided to give video a shot.  We received hundreds of resumes, but needed a screening tool that would separate “candidates” from “serious candidates”.  We decided to incorporate video to this process!  Why not require candidates to make a little effort other than attaching a Word document and clicking “send”?
We selected three questions relevant to our opening – questions we believed would help us readily identify the right candidates.   A link was then sent to every candidate that applied, putting the onus on them to take the next step – create their video interview.  The process was very easy and the results spectacular.  Although hundreds of candidates applied, only a handful took the time to respond and create a video, making our selection process that much easier.  The respondents clearly took the time to do it right and invest their time in our process.  We took the video responses and sent them to the executives within our organization – they absolutely loved this technology, which ultimately enabled us to expedite our hiring process.
We partnered with TalentRooster (TalentRooster.com) for this project and couldn’t have been happier with the results.  If you haven’t given video interview technology a serious look, now is the time.  It just makes better sense. 


GRPowell said...

Great Idea!

Just one question: How do you address the concern that screening by video that early in the hiring process might lead to discrimination claims that you made decisions based on race, age, etc, rather than ability to perform the job?

TalentRooster said...

Sorry for the delayed response.... Here's a question for you. If you interview a candidate in person and decide to pass OR you view a video of this candidate and decide to pass. What's the difference, other than you saved eachother an hour?

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