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Tuesday, January 31, 2012 from TalentRooster

Video Interview - Worked Like A Charm!

Yesterday I was stopped by what seemed to be a heated moment for two recruiters.  I told them not to mind me and to continue working as I was curious to what they were up to.  It turns out; they were searching their video repository and trying to identify candidates for their open positions.  As they quickly viewed each video, they ascertained whether or not a particular candidate was a fit for their client.  I heard comments like, “I like her energy” or “his reply to that question is exactly what they are looking for”.  In summary, they were able to find ideal candidates by watching 30 seconds of a video interview.  Worked like a charm! 

These recruiters were able to make faster and confident placements for their clients.  Ironically, six months ago these same recruiters were kicking and screaming about video technology.  “My candidates don’t want to do it” or “it takes too long” were common excuses given for failure to utilize. 

Today, you couldn’t pry this technology away from them.  Video technology continues to grow at a record clip and every company needs a strategy.  Just this week The Wall Street Journal ran this article on the future of video in the hiring process.  Articles on this very subject are everywhere as this logical technology continues to improve talent acquisition.

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