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Tuesday, March 6, 2012 from TalentRooster

Major Retailer Revitalizing Recruiting

In the uber competitive retail space, where many companies fade into obsolescence, new technology offers a powerful approach to controlling your recruiting costs. Recently, several national retailers have taken advantage of a potent technology that could become the future of retail recruiting.  With multiple locations throughout the U.S., it would be virtually impossible to interview every applicant. Retailers need a solution and many are finding TalentRooster, a video interview firm that specializes in retail. Using TalentRooster technology, applicants are invited to create a video to show why they are the best candidate. In the video, job seekers answer questions specific to the open position. Managers are able to review the videos at their leisure, rate each one and share comments with other managers. Using this technology allows managers to use their time wisely and find the best employees for the job. The time and money saved by using video technology is immeasurable.
Technology continues to offer efficiencies that companies need to explore. As old paradigms die and millenniums enter the workforce, video will quickly replace the well established interview habits. TalentRooster has built an efficient, scalable solution to help companies identify the right talent, faster. From in store kiosks to web generated links added to your posted positions, TalentRooster offers a solution for your business. Go to www.TalentRooster.comto learn more.

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