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Wednesday, September 7, 2011 from TalentRooster

TalentRooster Video Challenge

As a quasi blogger, I try never to repeat myself - however this information should be taught at every business school!  In a previous blog I explained how a savvy job seeker could jump the line and land the interview if they just took a little initiative.  Since unemployment continues to hover around 10% and many are struggling to find work, I would hope that a new strategy might be well received - especially one that will work!

Becky is in search of a job - she's been looking and applying for several months.  She has had a couple of interviews but nothing has materialized.  Upon searching the job boards she stumbled upon a great opportunity with Dawson Resources, a local respected company.  Historically Becky would click "apply now" and send her Word document.  She then would try to call someone at Dawson Resources to follow up (and usually end up in the HR vacuum). 

Becky saw our blog and thought it was a great idea - here's what she did...  She started off by Googling Dawson Resources and learning about the company.  Upon visiting their website she learned who the owners and officers were and then searched all of their LinkedIn profiles.  She was quickly able to learn about the company culture and their hiring process.  She learned where each executive went to school and where they previously worked and people that they were connected to. She searched their FaceBook accounts and viewed the public information.  By taking these simple initiatives, Becky had a plethora of powerful information and set out to land this job!

Becky went to TalentRooster.com to create a video interview, where she could professionally verbalize what she had learned.  While all the other candidates were clicking "send" and firing over Word documents, Becky created a professional video profile that she knew would appeal to the decision makers.  She opened by talking about Dawson Resources and how her goals and objectives aligned with theirs - she actually quoted a specific line in their company mission statement.  No doubt it captured the attention of the recipient at Dawson!  Becky went on to answer specific questions she knew Dawson would want to hear.  She even dropped in the fact that she had gone to school at Ohio University, where Dawson has made on campus visits to recruit candidates (she commented on how professional the process was, which is always good for a companies ego!).

Becky closed by congratulating Dawson for their 65th year in business and their employee longevity.  She noted that one employee in particular has been with the company since 1966, which she found astounding.  She attached the video link to her Word document and sent it over to all the executives she'd learned about during her research (with a personal note to each).  With a little more work she was able to find all of their email addresses.  Guess what?  It worked!!  Take initiative and follow Becky's example and you will land a job! 

Check out TalentRooster to learn more!!

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