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Tuesday, August 23, 2011 from TalentRooster

Video Interviews Becoming Client Driven

Call them what you will, video interviews, video resumes, CV,  or streaming interview but you can't deny videos soaring popularity.  We've been preaching the power of video technology for the past couple of years and our message has been received.  Corporate America is moving forward, developing strategies to integrate this powerful technology. 

Just this week a prospect called us!  We had been calling on him for over a year and a half.  He was aware that video technology was something he would need at some point - he just didn't know when.  As fate (or luck) would have it, his clients are asking him for pre-recorded video interviews.  They want to see and hear candidates answer questions of their choosing, before committing to an interview.  Now our prospect needs to play catch up and look like an industry leader, rather than follower. 

TalentRooster pre-recorded interviews enable recruiters and HR professionals to market their candidates with powerful technology that saves enourmous amounts of time and money.  Our technology enables you to select questions and create a link.  You can post this link within an existing posted position or it can be sent directly to a candidate.  Candidates complete the process on their own time and the finished video interview is sent back to you for your review.  In addition to the time and money saved, it's environmentally friendly!  Check out TalentRooster.com to learn more!

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