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Wednesday, August 17, 2011 from TalentRooster

Take Initiative = Land Job!!

I’ve got a sure fire way to help you land a job – I’m talking complete layup and all you’ve got to do is put forth a little effort. Sadly, few if any candidates are willing to take initiative in their job search. If you are one of the few – keep reading.

The everyday run of the mill job seeker replies to an opening with their Word doc and cover letter. No effort, no investment of time and certainly not unique. Since you are serious about your job search I’m going to show you how to land an interview and stand out from all the other candidates.

Find a job you are interested in and learn about the company. Learn about the hiring process: Who does the interviews and check out their LinkedIn profiles, find out about the questions they ask, identify unique things about the company – simply make an effort and do some homework. All of these answers are out there if you just surf the net!  Here's the hook - take the information you learn then create a video interview where you address these specific issues and speak their language!

Imagine the hiring manager that opens your Word doc resume and clicks on the link to see your video interview!  When they see that you did your homework and know more about the company that any other candidate, you will get noticed. Do this and you will jump to the front of the hiring line - I guarantee it! Go to TalentRooster.com to create your professional video interview and put your job search in high gear! 

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