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Tuesday, August 16, 2011 from TalentRooster

Years To Accept Computers - How Long For Video?

By the early 1990's, most companies had introduced computers to their reluctant staff.  Although we claim we're open to change, it turns out that isn't the case.  Virtually everyone fought computers as their "paper process" worked great - can you imagine? Initially most people would placate the boss by turning on the machine, but doing little if anything to learn much about it. Over the course of a decade as younger people entered the workforce, it became apparent that computers might serve a better purpose than somewhere to put post it notes.  As logical as computers seem today, they faced an uphill battle that lasted several years!

These same paradoxical challenges exist with video technology and the hiring process. If you think about what video can offer in terms of time and money saved it's arguably as valuable as a PC! There isn't a person on the planet who believes candidates will represent themselves with Word docs forever. Candidates will use video with graphics, links to social media, personality profiles and more.  Hiring managers will have 80% of the relevant information they need before ever meeting a candidate in person - how powerful (and logical) is that?

What about a candidate eager to get hired? A forward thinking candidate will go to a company's website and learn about a position they are interested in. Digging deeper they can research the company and learn about their culture the hiring process and person responsible for making the decision.  Then the candidate could record a video interview answering questions they know the company would want to hear and site specifics from their research.  Talk about jumping the hiring line!  While the rest of the candidates are taking no initiative by sending a Word document, who do you think would get noticed? 

Success in life comes from taking initiative and doing some work which few candidates are willing.  Video technology will increase a candidates chance for hire by 30% or more - it just works.  Check out TalentRooster.com to learn how you can jump the hiring line! 

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