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Wednesday, September 28, 2011 from TalentRooster

HR Respects Niche Recruiters - General Staffing Is Another Story...

Lately bloggers have been writing a lot about the value (or lack thereof) that a recruiter brings to a company.  Compounding this  discussion is the tenuous relationship that seems to exist between recruiters and HR departments.  HR has been empowered to find candidates and fill positions, which is truly a "one off" from their training and core competencies.  HR people tend to be very detail and process oriented, which couldn't be further from how a good recruiter is wired.  Cutting to the quick, a recruiter is a salesperson.  They need to be fast, aggressive, technology savvy, willing to call anyone employed or otherwise and sell them on an opportunity.  They know that the good candidates are already working and won't be found on Monster, Career Builder or other site.  This means you have to dig deep to find passive candidates, which requires a significant investment of time. Recruiters get paid on deals that close and virtually all are paid commission.  Niche or highly specialized recruiters command fees of 30% or more and they earn every penny IF they can close the deal...

So where does that leave traditional staffing, which is often viewed as a commodity by HR?  It's hard to extrapolate value from a staffing firm that runs ads right next to their clients - how is that of value?  What are you doing that's any better or more efficient than your clients?  Your fishing in the same pond!  Truth be told the staffing industry hasn't evolved much in the past ten years - most still rely on Word documents even though it's evident that video resume / video interview technology is quickly becoming the preferred methodology.  Let me say that again - video is the future of the recruiting and hiring process!  This technology provides search, recruiting and staffing firms an awesome advantage IF they step up soon.  Remember when Monster was unique and different?  Search, recruiting staffing professionals had a good run until everyone else got on board.  Same principle with video.

Recruiters and staffing firms alike need to be leading this video technology evolution - it is here and growing quickly.  If you want a competitive edge that sets you apart, represent your candidates with pre-recorded video interviews, where your clients can see and hear them before committing to an interview.  Everyone knows the paper resume is headed for obsolesence - it's only a matter of time.  Let TalentRooster show you how easy it is to bring video technology to your clients and prospects. 

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