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Thursday, September 22, 2011 from TalentRooster

42% of First Interviews via Webcam Says Wall Street Journal

Validation is quickly approaching warp speed...  We've been telling readers for years that video technology is an absolute for both job seekers and hiring managers.  Hopefully you caught this piece in last week's Wall Street Journal, which made clear the reasons why video is becoming a staple in virtually all hiring processes.  We've been begging job seeking candidates to create a professional video resume / video interview, where they address issues specific to the company for which they desire to work!  Think of the impact to the hiring manager, who is used to static Word documents where the candidates have taken little to no initiative.  You could blow them away with video, where you clearly demonstrate you've done your homework and how your objectives align.... 

Oh - and hiring managers?  You need to modernize your process as well - "paper" resumes are so 90's! Don't let the "new hire" introduce this logical technology - YOU do it!  Your company leadership will thank you later - especially when they realize the economies of cost savings!! Show them you've still got it!!

TalentRooster is happy to help you through the process to ensure you get it  right - just send us a ping! Increase your chance for hire by 30% or more by injective video technology - it works and TalentRooster will show you how!

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