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Tuesday, October 4, 2011 from TalentRooster

How My Staffing Firm Found Success With Video

It’s no secret that staffing firms are not known for being innovators of new technology. Over the past couple of years, most have been hunkered down trying to stay in business!  However, there is no denying that video and social media continue to make significant advancements that affect the staffing industry.  In order to meet the needs of this evolution, my staffing firm began looking for a solution that would not only provide us a tactical edge, but show the market that the old staffing model would no longer suffice. 

We began our quest for a video solution, knowing full well that our recruiters would be resistant to whatever we proposed.  We also knew it would have to be a top down initiative (mandate) for our branches to take it seriously and ultimately find success.  After a thorough evaluation process where we evaluated video resumes, video interviews, streaming versus live technology, we ended up selecting TalentRooster.  Their technology is user friendly, plus clients and prospects absolutely appreciate this unique differentiator – most had never seen candidates submitted by video.  

From the onset, many on our team resisted, claiming video “took too much time” or “my candidates aren’t willing”.  Yet everything we saw indicated that video is going to play a major role in every companies hiring process.  We decided to dig in and hold our team accountable – it was only a matter of time until video clicked and brought them results. The lines were drawn between management and employees….. As luck would have it, within a matter of weeks we were receiving positive responses from our clients and prospects! 

Soon, video started to become an expectation of our clients and the best part, our competitors didn’t offer it.  With continued practice we saw the film time per candidate drop from fifteen minutes to less than eight!  Better yet, we’ve seen a significant impact to our business as our sales reps have something new and exciting to talk about.   

If you are in the staffing industry, you need a strategy to integrate video with your existing process.  TalentRooster did a great job bringing my team on board and positioning us to be the local “thought leaders”, which will pay dividends for a long time.

- Jeff Miller is President of Dawson Resources, a central Ohio based staffing firm

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