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Wednesday, June 8, 2011 from TalentRooster

Video Resumes Fact Versus Fiction

Like every new technology in the social media realm, there is going to skepticism and people that will be hesitant to welcoming a new way of doing things. Few have the courage to be early adopters as most prefer to follow the pack. Well the pack has adopted video resume technology and it’s quickly becoming the “go to” methodology of choice for hiring managers and savvy candidates.

Following are some long standing assumptions about Video Resumes.

1. It’s hard to do a video resume well. FALSE – with TalentRooster technology, you can record your video as many times as you would like until you believe that you’ve captured your absolute best! You don’t have that option in a live interview….

2. Video Resumes mess with the standard recruiting process. FALSE – While hiring managers and recruiters have their way of doing things, a video resume can only help you (and them). None of these decisions makers would ever be upset about making their process easier. Being able to “meet” and hear you answer questions specific to their needs is better for everyone involved.

3. Video Resumes slow down the hiring process. FALSE – A professional video resume will increase a candidate’s chance for hire by 30% or more. If your video is viewed and an interview extended, they already know what they’re getting. You cannot get that reaction from a standard Word Document. Have you ever said, “If they would just meet me, they’d hire me”. Now they can!!

4. Your email could be mistaken for spam. FALSE – There are two ways to go about submitting your video resume to a hiring manager. First, you can send it along with your regular paper resume, if you prefer, and just have your video be a link at the top. This will go directly to the desired inbox. Second, if you don’t want to use your paper resume, TalentRooster provides an application that allows you to send your video resume directly from the site. This, again, will go directly to the inbox you intend it to.

5. It could be illegal for a company to view it. FALSE – This is absolutely farcical with no legal basis whatsoever. Even the EEOC is onboard with video resume technology, so long as it isn’t used for discriminatory purposes – same as a paper resume where sensitive information can be extrapolated. Social media has changed the way companies hire and there isn’t a recruiter (worth their salt) that isn’t viewing a candidates FaceBook, LinkedIn or other social media site, before interviewing the candidate. With a professional video resume you can ensure employers see your absolutely best.

6. Video Resumes are a waste of money. FALSE – How serious are you about your job search? TalentRooster video profiles cost $19.95 or they are free if you work with one of our recruiter / partners. Clients won’t read your resume but they will watch your video, which will increase your chance for hire by 30% or more. We think the choice is obvious. Check out TalentRooster.com to learn more - we will be happy to help you get it right!

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