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Tuesday, May 31, 2011 from TalentRooster

Video Technology Continues to Improve Hiring Process

There's no doubt about it - video is very powerful. Virtually every internet site being developed today has incorporated video - you simply can't do business without it. Remember Star Trek's video communication device? For the 1960's that was really forward thinking - now every iPhone offers that exact technology via their FaceTime application. If you haven't tried FaceTime yet, you've got to - it's fantastic and free!

An informative video that adds humor can be very effective. Surfing the net I found this video, about hiring an intern for "Internet Week" in New York City. Cleverly done and humorous, however I would not advise any job seeker to take this approach. What's funny to you may be offensive to others, plus hiring managers many not get the joke (and you won't get the job). In this video I found it interesting how the primary actor found paper "from the 90's" and anyone not on LinkedIn or other social media sites not worthy of further discussion. Although he was blunt - he was right on both of these points.

More and more companies are requiring video as part of their hiring process. Not only to create candidates videos, but often times hiring managers will film themselves talking about a position in detail, in hopes that candidates will take the time to learn more about the position before applying. Just last week one of our staffing firm clients created this video, which was sent out to hundreds of potential candidates. The recruiter reported that it saved her a ton of time as candidates won't read a job description but they will watch a professional video.

I'm out of excuses for people who still aren't certain about video. I suppose it's like those still hooked on their VHS..... TalentRooster has made video technology easy for job seeking candidates and hiring managers alike. Contact us to learn more at TalentRooster.com

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