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Tuesday, January 11, 2011 from TalentRooster

1950 - Quit Smoking; 2011 - Make A Video Resume

It's 1950 and I'm the guy warning everyone to quit smoking! Evidence clearly points that smoking is hazardous to your health and will lead to multiple health problems.... My message seems to fall on deaf ears - if only people could see into the future.... I can only imagine how exasperated "that guy" must have been - the signs were everywhere that smoking was terrible for your health, yet Americans continued to inhale the toxic fumes, despite overwhelming evidence.

Now it's 2011 and "that guy" is advising job seekers that paper resumes are headed for extinction. Within the next couple of years, few candidates will be using the traditional paper resume - it will all be digital, with video, graphics, links to social media sites and much more. Hiring managers will have access to 80 or 90% of the information they need about a candidate before they ever meet, resulting in a far more efficient process for everyone involved. Managers can source candidates and send them a link to record a video at home, answering questions specific to their position. Appropriate candidates can be shared with others in management, while those that are not a fit do not require any further investment of time.

In just over six months, TalentRooster has added over 5,000 video resumes to our website. Clearly people are starting to come to the realization that video is a powerful alternative to paper. So how come you haven't made one yet? I bet none of your friends still smoke. Check out TalentRooster.com to learn more.

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