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Wednesday, January 5, 2011 from TalentRooster

Companies To Pay Candidates for Interviewing??

Politics aside, of all the ridiculous lawsuits I've ever seen this one takes the cake! This pending suit is seeking to require search, recruiting, staffing firms to pay candidates for time spent interviewing! "As California goes, so goes the nation" - let's hope not! Can you imagine the unnecessary expense and headaches that would result from this action? What would follow, a bonus for candidates that don't get the job?

Here's the good news - get on board with video resume technology and avoid this potenial quagmire. Video Resume technology enables you to send clients and prospects professional profiles, that will get your candidates to the front of the hiring line. While the competition continues to send Word documents attached to email, you will blow them away with next generation technology. Your clients will eat it up!

It's 2011, which means we are one year closer to the paper resume becoming obsolete. Job seekers are already on board with video resumes, having posted over 200,000 on YouTube. TalentRooster is preparing to surpass the 5,000 video resume mark within the next couple of weeks. We all know that video will become a vital part of the hiring process - its inevitable. Let TalentRooster show you how to become the leader in your market.

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