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Monday, October 25, 2010 from TalentRooster

Paradigm Shift To Video Resumes

Speaking to a group of college freshman, I was trying to prepare them for their first "real job" search. While explaining the proper layout and content of a resume, a student interjected, "what does paper say about you? Do people still rely on that information? What about my social media, where I can sell myself"? Then it hit me - he was right and I'm dated.

There is no way job seekers of the future are going to rely solely upon the traditional "paper" resume. In fact it's already changing as more and more candidates are integrating video resume technology to their existing portfolio. Rather than be intimidated, I find it exciting as it creates an opportunity for virtually every person (and company) to improve upon a decades old process.

In the search, recruiting, HR world there are a couple of absolutes you need to be prepared for:

1. Over the next several months, fewer and fewer job seekers will represent themselves with the traditional "paper" resume. They will use digital video, with graphics, links to social media and more. No question this paradigm is quickly shifting and you need a strategy to address this technical progression. No one wants to look stuck in the past.

2. Companies will begin integrating video as part of their applications process. Regardless of the ATS you use, within the next several months all will be adding a video component and you will need a strategy.

My advice is this - learn and lead this technology! Whether you're a job seeker, recruiter or HR professional, everyone admires leadership - especially when it's something that everyone will need to understand down the road. If you can navigate the web or use a social media site you can use this technology - it's no longer intimidating.

Check out TalentRooster.com to learn more. We've made video resume technology so user friendly that anyone can use and understand it. The trend is quickly approaching - get on board and be a leader. You'll be surprised how many people take notice.

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