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Thursday, September 9, 2010 from TalentRooster

Solid Tips on Creating Your Video Resume

Today TalentRooster is in Chicago to speak with 50 search, recruiting and HR professionals. They've all reached the conclusion that the traditional resume is on the same path as the fax machine..... Since most are not in their 20's they will be nervous - maybe even scared that this disruptive technology is being thrust upon them, like it or not. In today's competitive job market, not only do job seekers have to be more savvy and technically adept, but so do hiring managers! You can only ignore this technology for so long before you begin looking like a dinosaur.

Here's the good news - I'm not a technology person either, but recognized the writing on the wall. I figured we could get in front of this technology or get run over by it - I opted for the the former. TalentRooster.com has made video resume technology so easy, professional and consistent you have to see it to believe it. Our technology will allow you to complete the process from home - the filming too. No editing or complicated work is involved and your video won't end up on YouTube..... unless you post it there (which I never recommend for a serious job seeker).

If you need additional tips on completing your video resume, check out this piece - they did a nice job, with the exception that they forgot to mention TalentRooster!

PS - TalentRooster officially broke through the 2,000 professional video resume barrier today! That makes us number one by a mile (No I don't count YouTube - I said professional). Happy searching!!

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