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Saturday, September 11, 2010 from TalentRooster

HR Getting On Board With Video - Better Get it Right..

I couldn't agree more with everything in this piece - with two exceptions.... NO way you should pay more than $50 for a professional video resume AND it doesn't belong on YouTube!!! Why on earth would you want your resume on a site with drunken college students, half naked people, cartoons and more. Believe me - no one will take you seriously - no matter how much you spend.

Another critical component of your video resume is that it should be a "one click solution" for your entire portfolio. Meaning, you should be able to send hiring managers a hyperlink that will show them:

  • Your traditional resume

  • Your video resume

  • Personality profile (which help hiring managers place you in an ideal environment)

  • Ability to post within your social networking sites

  • Relevant test scores or background checks

  • YOU need to maintain control of your profile

Sending a potential employer a TalentRooster digital video profile will provide 75% of the information they need to make sure you are the right candidate for the job. It will save both parties the pointless first interview (let's be honest - the entire point of the first interview is to make sure you can articulate and don't have three eyes). Employers that respond to your digital video resume want to meet you - their interest is sincere, saving everyone a ton of time. Get on the TalentRooster train now - it's free through the end of September 2010! Happy Hunting!

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