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Monday, September 13, 2010 from TalentRooster

Is Your Business On a Roll.... Don't Get Too Comfortable....

Over the past 24 months, search, recruiting, staffing and HR professionals have been through a virtual blood bath - it has been brutal. Finally, many are experiencing a nice uptick in business. As the owner of a search, recruiting, staffing firm I can't tell you how nice it is to be truly busy (and profitable) again. I think I can finally exhale....

Here's the question - now that things appear to be on a roll, how can we prevent this from being a temporary "blip"? We all want to ride the wave and hope that it never hits the shore - no more recessions for me - thank you very much. So what should we do?

First we need to take a hard look at our businesses and determine where it's headed. With technology moving at warp speed, there is no way we can continue status quo - we too must evolve. We need to invest in the future for our businesses, now is the time to do it - before there is any sign of a slowdown.

We all know that candidates are becoming more savvy, finding unique and different ways to market themselves e.g. social media / personal branding. So what is your firm doing to keep up? Assuming you have a social media presence (if you don't, shame on you - if you do and don't update it a couple times per week, someone should lose their job!) use it! This is how the world communicates today and how the candidates you desire will find you. If your website hasn't been updated in the past year and you don't have a social media presence, get on it ASAP! Your website is the first place candidates go to learn about your firm. If your site is archaic, it speaks volumes to today's job seekers and you don't want to know what it says.... The good news is that over time the costs to update your site have come WAY down. We used to spend thousands of dollars per year in the Yellow Pages (Run Forrest - Run! No need to be in the Yellow Pages anymore - it's 2010!) - now you can spend far less and get much more - do it!

You also need to take a look at video resume technology. Candidates are no longer satisfied with the traditional paper resume - now they are going global using social networking sites and video resume technology. If your firm is the market leader in this emerging technology, candidates will find YOU!! This same principle applies to news - remember how you used to read the daily paper to catch up? Now when a story breaks, the news finds you via your phone.

My firm is really enjoying this uptick in business and we've invested in video resume technology. In fact we film every candidate that we elect to hire and market them accordingly. Clients love the fact that they can "see and hear" all candidates before committing to an interview or hire. The competition is still attaching a Word document to an email. Sooner or later they will catch on as will your competitors. Get a head start - call TalentRooster today and learn more. Happy selling!

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