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Tuesday, September 7, 2010 from TalentRooster

Employers Search Job Seekers on Google

Some people would say that the downside to the internet is that too much information is available in an instant. Whatever you've said or done (and posted) is available for all to see and it's virtually impossible to take it down. While waiting in the airport today I came across this piece regarding the power of a Google search and your name. Any hiring manager worth their salt does a Google search on you before bringing you in - yes, that means they are likely viewing your social media sites (insert scream here). Better keep them clean - even if you think it's private, it's not - there are still photos and other pieces that can be found via your connections - scary stuff - try it, you'll see.

You need to provide employers something to find when they search your name - a professional video resume profile. Not one of those hokey videos you find on YouTube, but the professional version that you can only find on TalentRooster.com. Because we utilize social media so much (FB, LinkedIn, Blog, Twitter etc.) your profile will be easier to find when an employer conducts a search. Upon discovering your TalentRooster profile an employer will find all the information (about you) that they need - and it's all very professional.

We now have almost 2,000 professional video resumes on the site - more than anyone else can claim (other than YouTube, which is the last place you want to be found). Check us out - we are offering our service for free through the end of September 2010. Happy searching!

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