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Thursday, September 30, 2010 from TalentRooster

Seasonal Projects Considering Video Resumes

With the Christmas season less than 90 days away, many companies are utilizing technology for their seasonal hiring. Many will be hiring hundreds or thousands of employees to meet the demands of the busy holiday season. Some will receive 30,000-50,000+ applications! Who has the time to weed through all of them? How can you tell if a candidate is really an appropriate fit? How can this process be streamlined?

There is a great solution that not only saves time and money, but ensures companies will find the best candidates - video resumes. It's simple and here's how it works. A company includes a link within their ordinary application. Candidates complete the application (inclusive of a video resume) from home, school, or wherever. Virtually every computer today has a camera built in - if not, job seekers have access to family or friends - they will figure it out. Upon completion, the video resume is sent directly back to the hiring manager, who can view it at their leisure and determine in seconds what candidates are worth pursuing..... or passing.

Another option to consider is kiosks. Many employers are putting kiosks on site so candidate's can complete their application (inclusive of video resume) in minutes. Upon completion, the videos are immediately sent to hiring managers for their review and consideration. Appropriate candidate's are circulated throughout the company, while those not selected are eliminated.

Thanks to technological advancements virtually anyone can create a video resume. It's fast, user friendly and invaluable to companies. Checkout TalentRooster.com to learn more.

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