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Sunday, September 19, 2010 from TalentRooster

Houston Business Journal - "Video Resumes Maximize Results"

Perhaps those of us over 25 are just too resistant to adopt an obvious trend? I mean we all agree that in the near future, job seekers are not going to use a traditional "paper" resume to market themselves. It will be an "intelligent resume" inclusive of traditional resume, video resume, personality profile, relevant test scores, links to social media and more. We ALL know it's coming, so why not be the first mover? It's not like there's any risk - it's a foregone conclusion, which creates an awesome opportunity to lead and become the defacto source in your market.

Surfing the net this weekend, I found yet another piece further validating that video resumes are the future of the hiring process. It's never easy being a pioneer, conversely it's MUCH easier to learn something while it's still emerging. You can be part of the process and collaborate to make sure TalentRooster technology continues to be the best intelligent resume site on the internet. Our partners continue to bring fantastic ideas!

Last week one of our clients was in need of an bi-lingual (English / Itallian) candidate. They were unable to find someone in their market so they posted the opening on Craigslist. Within 24 hours, a candidate 500 miles away responded. Our client used TalentRooster's "record from home" technology and sent the completed profile over to their customer, who was blown away! You no longer have to imagine the ability to "see and hear" candidates that live well outside your market - the technology is here, now. Happy recruiting!

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