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Tuesday, September 21, 2010 from TalentRooster

Social Media Campaign Is Starting To Work!

There is SO much talk about social media and branding - how you HAVE to do it or risk looking antiquated. If you spend much time on the Internet, you will find many companies that have dipped a toe in the water, but failed to get wet. They've set up a company FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and maybe even a blog. While this is a great start, it is entirely useless unless you dedicate a resource who will spend an hour a week, keeping your content relevant. I can't tell you how many companies I find that havent posted content in months!

I'm over 40, which makes me ancient by technology standards.... However, we continually preach to our clients they they must maintain a social media presence to be relevant in today's world. The Internet is how business gets found, done and proliferated - not spending some time (and money) is asking for failure. Companies used to spend thousands of dollars on classified advertising and the Yellow Pages (hopefully you are no longer doing that!). Now you can spend a fraction of that money and receive far greater benefit, simply by spending an hour per week on social media.

Here's some great news - if your company gets on board with TalentRooster video resume technology, all the job seekers out there will help with your social media efforts. As more job seekers create video resumes and apply with your firm, they will post their links on personal social media sites, which is fantastic for your company. These savvy job seekers tweet, blog and post experiences all over the internet, often mentioning your company by name, making it easier for your firm to be found. The more people talk about your business the easier it is for others to find you.

Go to Google and search (in general terms) your business e.g. Search, Recruiting, HR, Sacramento. Your firm didn't even show up, did it? That's because no one is talking about your firm - your social media is limited and you need to get a move on it. Better yet, much of the social media experience is FREE - as a famous shoe company likes to say, "Just Do It"!

TalentRooster clients are already experiencing the benefits of our social media as job seekers across the U.S. are getting on board with our technology. They are blogging, tweeting and Facebooking about their experiences, making it much easier for others to find these savvy companies. Jump in - the water's warm! Happy Hunting!

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