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Tuesday, August 24, 2010 from TalentRooster

Video Resume Dance Floor Syndrome

Ever been to a wedding or party where the music is awesome, the drinks are flowing but no one dares to hit the dance floor? Eventually someone will get the nerve - then slowly another couple will follow and so on until the party starts rocking!

This same principle applies to video resume technology. People are starting to "hit the dance floor", but choosing some terrible music (e.g. posting their video on YouTube). A video resume should be professional, consistent and available for employers to search without any cost. Conversely a candidate will have to incur some cost to insure they get a quality product. You can't have "quality" and "cheap" in the same sentence - it just doesn't work (assuming the provider has integrity). As video resume technology continues to gain ground, more and more writers continue to post pieces that provide terrific insight. Take the time to learn about this technology and how to best represent yourself. No question a professional video resume will increase your chance for hire by at least 30% or more - it just works!

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