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Monday, August 23, 2010 from TalentRooster

100K+ Absolutely Need Video Resumes

It's so refreshing when a market leader endorses your technology! For months I've been singing the praises of video resume technology, however even I tended to zero in on the entry level to 50K crowd - WRONG!!! The quest for resume intelligence goes much further!

Upon reading this piece written by the creator of The Ladders (you know, that site for people seeking jobs that pay in excess of 100K). Turns out anyone looking for a job should fully investigate a professional digital video resume. Finally the technology is robust enough to make any level of candidate look professional without breaking the bank. That's the beauty of the TalentRooster.com model - it was built by search, recruiting, staffing professionals for job seekers serious about their search. We fully understand what hiring managers want to see and know how to make sure you capture your best 60 seconds on camera. Get out of the pile of resumes and on to the desktop - you won't believe how easy it is OR how quickly you get noticed!!

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