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Friday, August 20, 2010 from TalentRooster

As the proliferation of intelligent video resumes continues, so will the naysayers. I can only imagine how Blockbuster must feel, watching Netflix take their business by simply using a better methodology. I'm certain there was an executive begging Blockbuster to get on board with the Netflix model, yet leadership failed to see the obvious writing on the wall - now their days are numbered... Same thing happened to K-Mart - they had a great thing going, yet failed to notice the new guy (Wal-Mart) doing it better - how can this happen?

These same principles apply to video resume technology and the opportunity for first mover advantage. If you are in search, recruiting, HR or staffing and fail to get acknowledge this trend, you're putting your company at risk.

Within the next three to five years students will no longer market themselves with a traditional paper resume - virtually everyone acknowledges this. Still the detractors continue to lob grenades at this logical business trend. I'm sure horse traders fought like mad to keep Henry Ford from building cars.

The facts speak for themselves - intelligent video resumes are the future of the hiring process. Providing hiring managers with intelligent resumes, inclusive of; traditional resume, video resume, personality profile, relevant test scores, background information and links to social media sites is simply logical progression. Search, recruiting and HR professionals have an incredible opportunity to lead this fast approaching trend - it's coming soon and the opportunity to lead this emerging trend is now. Check out TalentRooster.com

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