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Tuesday, August 31, 2010 from TalentRooster

Techy Guru Video Resume Success Story

You've got to take five minutes and read this piece, posted by a blogger in Ireland. From the onset, we always believed that the first adopters to video resume technology would be the entry level and recent college gradutates. For the most part we were right, but now we are seeing more and more professional candidates. This change was inevitable, however I'm still shocked that it is happening so quickly! Isn't is supposed to take years for a new technology to become widely accepted? Aren't "seasoned veterans" slow to change?

I'm a parent and really beginning to sound like one.... I can't stress how important it is that you create a professional video resume with zero cheese factor, music or other distractions. This video is not a replacement for your "paper" version, but rather an enhancement. Doing it "right" will be germane to your success. It doesn't belong on YouTube, nor does your resume belong on Monster or Career Builder - EVERYONE does it that way and you will not get noticed. Also, it doesn't cost $300, but it isn't free (to do it right).

Go to TalentRooster.com and find the location nearest you - we are in 12 U.S. markets and growing. If there is not a location nearby, send us an email and we will send a link so you can complete the process from home. One of our recruitng professionals will help you through the process to ensure you capture your best 60 seconds (which is all that an employer really needs to see). We truly care about being the only site where hiring managers will find professional, consistent videos. Check us out - we are fast approaching 2,000 people on the site!!

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