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Sunday, August 29, 2010 from TalentRooster

Professional Video Resume Will Increase Chance For Hire By 30% or More!

We've seen it time and time again. An uncertain job seeker comes in to create a professional video resume. Is this professional? Will it truly help? Are other candidates doing it? Will employers watch this? The answer to these questions is absolutely! So long as you choose to complete your intelligent resume with a reputable provider like TalentRooster!!

Companies are bombarded with traditional "paper resumes", which makes it virtually impossible to distinguish one candidate from another. TalentRooster technology enables a job seeker to provide hiring managers solid information that will expedite the interview process. The information contained includes: Traditional resume, Video Resume, Personality profile, Relevant test scores, Background information, Links to social media and more. Submitting a TalentRooster intelligent video resume will clearly get you to the front of the line. It demonstrates to hiring managers that you "get it" and are not afraid of new technology (which most people are...). Visit TalentRooster.com and view other digital video profiles - you will quickly see why some candidates are getting hired quickly and others are not. It has nothing to do with image - it's about preparation and completing the process. The candidates that are fully prepared, complete the process and post their TalentRooster link on their social media sites get hired faster, it's that simple. Check us out - we are quickly approaching 2,000 intelligent video resumes on the site!

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