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Saturday, August 7, 2010 from TalentRooster

Entrepreneurial Spirit Makes America Great!

For months I've been talking about the future of the hiring process - how "kids" will no longer use paper resumes - it's inevitable and everyone seems to agree. Early adopters of TalentRooster video resume technology are taking us in directions we never envisioned. Browsing the site, I've come across some really unique ideas to help job seekers and employers connect - isn't that what it's all about?
We've got some really exciting things coming soon, including the ability to view our videos on Apple products! I'm no technologist, but I've always been mystified why Apple doesn't support flash (which enables users to view video). Luckily things change over time - in fact I understand that Verizon will be selling the iPhone in January, THAT is awesome! Soon employers can "see and hear" potential candidates while riding the subway or bus!
But I digress, TalentRooster is meeting with a couple Fortune 100 companies that have come around to the idea that video resumes are the future of the hiring process and they need to get on board. This one particular company wants to be able to see and hear all candidates (regardless of their locale) as part of their interview process. This company will take the video profiles and forward them throughout their company to appropriate hiring managers - how much time will this save?
As our product becomes more and more robust it won't be long until hiring managers will be able to have 80% of the information they need to make a hiring decision BEFORE they ever meet the candidate in person. Stay tuned - we are on the case!

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