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Thursday, August 5, 2010 from TalentRooster

Almost 1,400 Video Resumes ALREADY!

Within the next two - three years, kids graduating college will no longer use the traditional resume - it will be digital video with graphics. This "video resume / video CV" will present employers with comprehensive real time information, inclusive of the traditional resume, personality profile, video resume, skills assessments and more. The transition to this technology just makes sense and will save everyone their most valued asset - time.

So how come this transformation hasn't happened yet? There are a couple of reasons, primarily the technology to "do it right" has just come of age. Previously it was impossible to create a professional digital video profile. It was complicated, cumbersom and hiring managers didn't have the software to view the profiles - not anymore.

In addition, there will be a learning curve for those of us (currently in the workforce) that have been doing it the same way forever - change doesn't come as easily when your over twenty-five. In time we will recognize the huge advantages to technology that makes our lives (and businesses) better - TalentRooster video resumes are a great example of that.

We've been working on this technology for over two years and officially launched our site on 5/19/10. In just over two short months we have almost 1,400 video profiles on the site and growing by 10-20 per day! Better yet is that our partners (largely search, recruiting and HR professionals) are really starting to understand the potential of this technology and advocating its proliferation.

TalentRooster will soon be launching the "film yourself from home" feature, which will be a complete game changer for this emerging technology. We have made this technology so user friendly, consistent and professional that engaged job seekers will quickly adapt. Check us out - you'll see what I'm talking about!

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