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Tuesday, August 3, 2010 from TalentRooster

A Blogging Guru Comments on TalentRooster

Ok, ok - so I toot my own horn too much - isn't that what an excited entrepreneur is supposed to do? As video resume technology continues to pick up momentum, TalentRooster is continually mentioned as the best site on the net - and it's NOT me saying it (although I'm inclined to agree)! Check out THIS PIECE, written by one of the top bloggers, who writes on video resume / video CV technology. The video resume space is quickly getting crowded by technologists that don't have any experience with recruiting, search or staffing - and it shows! Its like asking a ten year old to drive a car - they'd have a general idea, but likely end up in a ditch or worse......

Darrin ("The Interview Guru") took the time to call and discuss the TalentRooster model, our goals, vision for the future and more. Frankly I was impressed as I thought most bloggers write based on assumptions - not Darrin - he really drilled down and asked the hard questions. Now if we could only get others to ask these same questions of our "competitors"..... Virtually all of TalentRooster's competitors take the same approach to this technology - film yourself, upload it, brand it, add graphics, etc - it's not professional, it's not standardized and will not help a candidate land a job. In fact, those methodologies are everythng that's bad about video resumes. This technology is coming fast - do your homework before committing to a bad model - there are plenty to choose from.....

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