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Tuesday, August 10, 2010 from TalentRooster

Intelligent Resumes - Coming Soon!

As recruiting and HR professionals become more technically savvy, time quickly becomes a premium - with today's technology, shouldn't we all have more time? It turns out the answer is no!

Unemployment continues to remain at or around 10%, which means there are more than enough candidates applying for open positions. There are some really bright "resume writers" out there that can offer advice on writing a resume or cover letter. TalentRooster is speaking with several to find the best source to assist our candidates. A powerful video resume with a well written profile (resume) will increase a candidates chance for hire by 30% or more - it just works.

Although the term "video resume" or "video CV" has been around for ten years or more, today the connotation is entirely different. Within the next 24-48 months, all job seekers will utilize an "intelligent resume", complete with video and more - TalentRooster loves being the leader of this emerging space!

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