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Friday, July 9, 2010 from TalentRooster

HR Recruiting Pros ALL Going Video

We had to know that sooner or later technology would improve the search, recruiting staffing, HR world - it's just logical progression. I still enjoy my CD collection and have a "land line" in my house - come to think of it, I also have an impressive assortment of movies on VHS...
Virtually everyday there is a new piece regarding video resume technology - begrudgingly the hiring world has come to accept that you can't stop progress and video resumes are the future of the hiring process. It's an interesting struggle as generation X has had to learn all technology on the fly, verses generation Y, who has grown up with technology and has no problem learning something new - they seem to feed on it! Kids that are 10-15 today will never understand how we marketed ourselves with "paper" - it will seem so lame (I think they're right!). Social networking sites have changed the game and hiring managers want to see that job seekers "get it". When my firm had a need, we reviewed video resumes (on TalentRooster) which saved us a TON of time AND we found the right candidate! Check out this piece for more information on the future of video and hiring - there's new evidence daily!

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