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Thursday, July 8, 2010 from TalentRooster

TalentRooster Surpasses 1,000 Videos!

Hard to believe that since our launch in late May, we already have over 1,000 candidates posted at TalentRooster.com! As this technology becomes more pervasive, many employers no longer want to see a traditional "paper resume". If you think about it, within the next five to ten years, future job seekers will find it hard to understand how we marketed ourselves with "paper" - they've got a point. A professional video resume enables a job seeker to cut to the front of the line and get directly in front of hiring managers. Companies love to see candidates that "get it" and continually push the technology envelope. Within the next 30-45 days, TalentRooster will offer candidates the ability to film themselves from home, while still ensuring quality and professionalism. Be sure to follow our social networking sites.

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