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Sunday, July 11, 2010 from TalentRooster

Personal Branding

Ever had a conversation that sounds entirely different, yet to a third party you are both saying the same thing? As I comb the blogsphere, I keep finding articles regarding the importance of personal branding - making you look your best for potential employers. While I couldn't agree more, I wish writers would stress the importance of selecting the right path. As the personal branding market continues to evolve, thousands of unqualified providers are asking job seekers to "hop on the bandwagon"! Let me ask a rhetorical question - guess where hiring managers go to learn more about potential candidates? Social networking sites! It is critical that you represent yourself in the best light possible and not follow the advice of a crafty writer. As a recruiter / staffing professional with 15 years experience, I can't tell you how many qualified candidates are eliminated due to what employers find on their social networking sites. The worst part is that the candidate will never know why they were eliminated.
Digital video resumes are a key component to your personal branding and there is no reason why you need to invest significant dollars to do it right. TalentRooster figured this out and offers professional video resumes, that will significantly enhance your personal branding - check us out! TalentRooster.com

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