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Monday, February 18, 2013 from TalentRooster

Building new features with YOUR business in mind

Many of us started the year off by making resolutions in an attempt to change ourselves for the better. Now that it’s mid-February, hopefully we are still committed! At TalentRooster, we are no different. Ultimately, our resolution is to make YOU better. This quarter we have made our services more customizable to your brand with personalized videos, invites and collateral materials.

Some of our new features include the ability to record the same candidate multiple times without losing any previous videos. Your candidates can have multiple videos that now can be longer than the original 60 seconds. You are no longer limited to the quick 60 second “elevator pitch” and are able to record as much or as little as you desire for each question! Interview questions are also now visible in text, allowing you to choose the answers that YOU want to hear. You can also reach out to multiple candidates with one email and they will now be led to your enhanced landing pages, which feature your company logo, images and messaging in reference to YOUR brand.  

It has been a very busy start to the New Year here at TalentRooster but we’ve only just begun! This year our partners can look forward to live streaming interviews, web based recording solutions and mobile applications amongst other new features. So here’s to hoping you stick to your resolutions because we are certainly sticking to ours!  

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