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Monday, April 9, 2012 from TalentRooster

Spherion Franchisee First To Offer Video Interviews

As the employment market continues to improve, recruiters and human resource professionals are utilizing powerful new technologies to expedite the age old recruiting process.  Traditionally companies have a need and place ads on job boards, local media and company websites, which draw hundreds of responses – most of which are not qualified. Resumes are sourced; phone screens conducted and ultimately first interviews are extended. 
The average length of a first interview is forty minutes and statistics show most hiring managers know within ninety seconds whether or not they will hire a candidate.  Less than five percent of those that receive a first interview will be extended an offer for employment. 
Spherion franchise owners, Scott and Eric Overmyer, found a way to use technology and improve these grim statistics.  Beginning in April, Spherion will begin utilizing TalentRooster video technology to market their candidates to local businesses.  “We are excited to bring this powerful technology to Northern Indiana and believe it will provide a unique differentiator for our brand” said Eric Overmyer.  “We can now introduce candidates via video, enabling our clients to see and hear candidates answer questions relevant to their needs.  Eighty percent of the uncertainties are addressed by the video, before our clients invest any of their valuable time”. 
TalentRooster is a video screening tool utilized by hundreds of human resource and recruiting professionals.  Go to TalentRooster.com to learn more. 

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