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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 from TalentRooster

Top Five Reasons Recruiters Resist Video Interview Technology

Video interview technology seems like such a sure bet, offering a far more efficient way to source candidates and reduce recruiting costs.  This blogger is betting big that every company will use video within the next three to five years; it’s as logical as replacing your horse with a car.  Still many recruiting & HR professionals have been slow to adopt video.  Following are the primary reasons why:

1.    Education – Most people don’t know a whole lot about video technology.  Although it’s growing quickly, few have seen a demo or understand how helpful it can be.  Perhaps the beta max “video resume” forever tainted their opinion.

2.    Resistance – The belief that job seekers aren’t willing to create a video. Talk about the inmates running the asylum.  Recruiting & HR professionals spend an inordinate amount of resources sorting resumes; the idea that a “candidate won’t” shouldn’t even be on the table.  This same pattern existed when many companies began only accepting electronic resumes.  The fact is that HR Recruiting needs to make video a requirement for consideration – problem solved!

3.    Discrimination – Believe it or not, this model is not the most common objection!  Most HR & Recruiting professionals realize that social media and technology have completely changed the way company’s source talent.  The bottom line is this – if your practices are not discriminatory today, do not use video or any technology and change that philosophy.  Then again, there are those that still require their children to wait 30 minutes after eating, before going back in the pool.

4.    More Work – Already there are not enough hours in the day!  Adding video will simply take additional time that you don’t have.  In actuality, video will end up giving you more time back as you won’t be spending time with candidates that aren’t a fit. The ability to “see and hear” a job seeker answer questions of your choosing before committing to an interview, is a game changer.  Plus you can review and share the videos with other hiring managers 24/7.

5.   Job Seekers Don’t Have Access – Are you kidding me?  Even Grandma Skypes! The fact is any motivated candidate will find a way to create a video interview.  Technology today is so cheap and user friendly that anyone can do it.  It just takes a tiny bit of initiative from an applicant. 

Video interview technology is the most potent tool in talent acquisition since the advent of the job board.  TalentRooster.com has a customized solution to meet your recruiting needs.  

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