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Wednesday, November 9, 2011 from TalentRooster

Video Interviews – Why Not??

A Recruiters job is never done, ever, and when asking recruiters why their candidates won’t make a video interview, here is what they say.

“I would rather an employer meet me in person”

-          Well, that’s great and we would love for an employer to meet you in person too, but that doesn’t happen 9 times out of 10 after you hit “submit” when applying to a job.  Why wouldn’t you want to make yourself stand out from the others? Get yourself in their face and in the door, 10 times out of 10…guaranteed!

“I am too old and they won’t bring me in if they see me on a video”
-          Fair, but won’t your resume give away your age just as easily?  I imagine you would rather show them up front, with your video, exactly who you are over going in for an interview and not hearing from them again, right?
“Video interviews are too expensive”
-          Nice try, but TalentRooster offers the best pricing and more for your money!  A video, plus your resume, adding in test scores, awards and more!  You will pay more money for gas going to and from pointless interviews.  You will get your money’s worth, we promise.

“I’m not comfortable in front of the camera”
-          We understand and that’s why TalentRooster allows you to retake your questions as many times and you would like.  Our technology won’t rest until you’re satisfied with the finished product!  Also, if you would rather record your video at home, that’s fine too because we have that option.  
So, how did we do? Did we settle some of your fears and challenge your thinking about video interviews?  If so, please get started on our site.  We promise it won’t bite and you will be happier knowing you are represented in the best way possible for your job search.

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