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Monday, October 24, 2011 from TalentRooster

Recruiter Uses Video - Hits In Park HR!

One of the many benefits of social media and video technology is that you never know who will see it!  Recently a recruiter sent a fantastic success story that we had to share.  Apparently a candidate came in to interview for a position - she was fantastic, a virtual "homerun".  The recruiter sent the candidate over to a top client.  Unfortunately, the client decided to go another direction....  The recruiter had spent a significant amount of time on this candidate, even helping her film a professional video interview / video resume, using TalentRooster technology.  The candidate asked for a copy of the video to add to her resume and use it to market herself. Since it's branded to the recruiting firm, the recruiter figured, "why not"?  Heck, candidates use the resumes we create to market themselves anyway.....

The video worked like a charm and the candidate was successful landing a couple of interviews!  In the recruiting world, this is usually where the story ends.  Recruiters spend an inordinate amount of time helping a candidate perfect their resume and interviewing skills.  Candidates use this "shiny" resume and interview tips to land a job... without the recruiter!  Candidate 10; Recruiter 0. 

Our story has a different twist.  A candidate marketed her TalentRooster video directly to a company - they absolutely loved the technology and scheduled an interview.  However the company decided to call the recruiter that created the video interview / video resume to lean more about the technology - the door was now open for the recruiter!  Realizing the candidate had gone direct, the recruiter was complementary and wanted the hiring manager to know that if this candidate didn't work out she had other qualified candidates.  There were multiple openings so the hiring manager asked the recruiter to come in and meet in person.  The recruiter ended up with several positions to fill AND an exclusive! 

If you are not using TalentRooster video technology to market your candidates you are missing out on a great opportunity.  Contact us today to learn how video will increase your revenues and shorten the hiring process!

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