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Friday, July 8, 2011 from TalentRooster

Toothfish - Chilean Sea Bass; Video Resumes - ?

For years fisheries tried to sell consumers the Patagonian Toothfish - there were few takers... Why not? It was clear to everyone that the Toothfish was love at first bite! It was by far the most tasty, tender fish known to man, yet few would ever try it. Then a marketing guru entered the picture and changed the name to Chilean Sea Bass - quickly this prized fish became the fastest growing in the industry, simply due to a name change. It turns out that the initial name was not appealing to consumers, although they had never even tried it - how silly is that? For many, this same challenge exists with video resume technology!

We need help creating a better name for "video resumes". What's a better way to say professional, increase your chance for hire, get you in front of hiring managers, demonstrate you are on board with new technology, clearly the wave of the future, industry leader....

The term "video resume" congers up many unfounded assumptions, remenescent of the garbage you find on YouTube. But the fact is that video resume technology is here to stay and it's quickly becoming the preferred methodology for candidates AND hiring managers. Even Fortune 500 companies are beginning to realize the potential that this powerful technology offers. Many are beginning to require candidates to submit a video resume as part of the preliminary interview process.

Many companies are taking this powerful medium and using it to market their job openings to potential candidates. Just this week we found this video, where the company not only shows the work environment but cameos by some of the managers - how cool is that? Not only can a potental job seeker see where they would work, but who they will work with! Companies competing for top candidates better take note!

With over 40 search, recruiting, HR and staffing professionals utilizing our technology (Click here to see our map), it's only a matter of time until the "paper resume" heads the way of the eight track tape player. Check out TalentRooster to learn more - we're coming soon to a company near you!

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