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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 from TalentRooster

So the paper resume is headed for obsolescence - no one can argue that. Unless of course you believe that technology will improve everything else with the exception of the hiring process... What will the resume of the future look like? Will it still be called a resume? What will be the watershed moment, where the world realizes how antiquated and impractical the "paper" version really was? In ten years, imagine explaining to a college student how we used to rely on paper as a means to represent oneself. It will be like trying to explain an eight track tape player to an iPod user! I really like how this company explains the power and potential of video resume technology. Conceptually, everyone agrees that video will be the future of the hiring process - the question is how long it will take to become widely accepted. FaceBook, the wildly successful web based technology launched in 2004, yet most of us never got on board until 2008 or later. My point is this - new technology takes time for wide acceptance and early adopters are few and far between. To date there are over 200,000 "video resumes" on YouTube and hundreds of sites to post your own. Virtually everyone of them exemplifies why the term "video resume" makes your stomach quiver. Candidates try to be funny (you shouldn't do that), they add music (terrible idea), dress inappropriately (remember first impressions) or film in an inappropriate environment with background noise and distractions. Think of a video resume as a first interview, however you get the chance to do it over and over again until you've perfected what you want to say. There should be no excuse for a poor video! This is your elevator pitch to sell a hiring manager on what you bring to the table for their busines. You don't get a "redo" during a live interview or video interview - conversely a video resume will ensure that you get it right! TalentRooster.com has figured out how to make this process easy, fast and entirely professional. There isn't a comparable option with this much power for job seekers. Create your digital video profile and post it on your favorite social media sites - you'll be surprised who might find you.

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