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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 from TalentRooster

Secure Your Internship With a Video Resume

It's hard to believe but summer is just a few months away, which means competition for internships is in high gear! What's your plan to stand out from the hundreds of other candidates that apply? You could send over the passe' paper resume and end up in a large file OR you could create a digital video resume and answer questions specific to the position! Which do you think will provide a greater chance for hire? Companies like to hire savvy candidates that know what's current so they can learn as well. A video resume will clearly show that you "get it" and excite a hiring manager to move your application to the front of the line. Before you submit your video profile, learn about the organization - find out what will make you stand out. Use social media to connect with others that have previously worked at the company and ask them how they landed the job. Find out what criteria the company uses to make hiring decisions - are there any specific questions they always ask - FIND OUT!! All this information is out there if you take a little initiative and dig - the company will be flattered that you took the time. Take this information and inject it into a professional video resume - it will blow them away!! Your video should be composed of three parts: 1. Introduce yourself and show your personality. 2. Address specific "hot points" you've learned about the company through your research - it will show you took initiative, which few candidates will do. 3. In closing, thank them for watching your video and let them know how eager you are to meet in person to further discuss what you can do for their business! Upon completion, send it over to the hiring manager or leadership within the organization. While most will ignore the "paper" resume, there is something about clicking a link that they can't resist! One last step I forgot to mention - post the completed video profile on your social media sites e.g. FaceBook, LinkedIn etc. You never know who will find you! TalentRooster has standardized this entire process and it's FREE for college students! Take charge of your opportunities and jump to the front of the hiring line - check out TalentRooster.com to learn more.

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